Our Skype Session

By Victoria, Year 4 (Aged 9)

"Here goes!" Click! It was just after lunch at Newmarket Primary School when my friend Jennifer and I were in Room 4 with Mrs Van Schaijik preparing for our Skype session with Raumati Beach School. We were all very excited and eager to go, but first, we had to set everything up. We borrowed a big speaker so that they would be able to hear us. We also opened up Jennifer's and my SCP accounts so that we could quickly switch to it whenever we needed to.

Mrs Van Schaijik then logged onto her twitter account and told Ms Fothergill if she could just have a sec to get everything set up and Mrs Fothergill replied very quickly: "Sure." When we had finally had everything set up, Mrs Van Schaijik logged onto her Skype account. She clicked Ms Fothergill and on the upper half of the screen. There was a little box on the top and there was a picture of a person. I couldn't tell who it was because it was a black shadow in the snow. Then slowly, the picture faded and up popped Ms Fothergill, Ms Tidy and Rooms 12 and 14 of Raumati beach School.

We then heard Ms Fothergill say, "Hi!" cheerfully. That was when Mrs Van Schaijik gave us a start off and an introduction. This is what she said: "Hi! So who have you got there?" and Ms Fothergill replied, "Well, we actually have 2 classes here, Room 12 and Room 14." Jennifer and I slightly jumped on our seats with excitement and then Jennifer introduced herself. "Hi! My name is Jennifer and I'm in Year 4. I'm 8 and my username on SCP in Jennifer??." Afterwards, she shared what she thought of SCP. Then it was my turn. I said, "Hi! My name is Victoria. I am also in Year 4. My username on SCP is Victoria??? so you can email me if you need any help. My opinion of SCP is that it is a great site because children can learn how to be cybersmart and have fun at the same time.

After we introduced ourselves, Mrs Van Schaijik then let us talk about our pages and badges. Jennifer talked about her bronze awards and other badges. I spoke about being in the tech team and about my Pohutukawa Report page. ( I was showing them around with my mouse at the same time.)

Next we had some questions and we both answered them together like: "Can teachers get into the Tech Team?" I replied, "No. But there is a Super Teacher Award."

Afterwards, when it was time to say goodbye, I was very sad but still said goodbye and then we exited the screen and it was all over. "Whoa! What a great time and experience I just had!" I thought in my head and smiled. external image GRIN.gif