Using Myportfolio
Notes taken from and adapted slightly to suit us.
30th of August: Taster Session with the Ministry of Education and some of our local schools.
26th of September: Staff meeting to introduce Myportfolio as a personal learning portfolio.

Create a Learner Profile
  • Create a teacher profile that contains the following things:
  • A two-column layout
  • A text box that begins 'I enjoy teaching most when...'
  • A text box that summarises your current teaching role.
  • A text box with some information about yourself
  • A photo of something related to an interest of yours.

Use social networking tools
  • Search for and find a 'friend'
    Send a friend request
    Request membership of (or join) a group
    Share a view with me and one other person

Create a professional learning e-portfolio including the following things:
  • What you know about how to use an e-portfolio successfully with students
  • -Think about how you use Superclubsplus.
  • A folder containing at least two readings on effective practice with e-portfolios
  • An RSS feed from somewhere like Google Scholar, a blog or Twitter/
  • -(Learn how to add your twitter feed to your page.)
  • Links to three site that have tutorials on how to use Myportfolio.

Write a new blog entry reflecting on your enviro day.
Write a new blog entry answering this question: "What is one thing you can do over the next two weeks with Superclubsplus?"
Identify your next steps with Myportfolio.

Be prepared to share with me via email by the end of the holidays.