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A ladybird is a type of insect; it is a kind of beetle. Did you know that not all ladybirds have spots? Some have stripes! They live in forests, fields, parks and gardens. Gardeners like ladybirds because they eat the greenflies that feed on garden plants. Ladybirds are important because they protect your garden from plant killing pests like aphids and mites. Don’t squash Ladybirds or kill them because if you don’t have any Ladybirds in your garden your plants could be eaten to death by aphids!
By Joswell, Raymond and Ben Yr2 2010

On Tuesday the 9th of June Room 4 cooked won-tons with Dominic’s mum Ai-Leng. Before we started we had to wash our hands and run across to the
staffroom in the rain! When we got to the staff room we got into two teams of boys and girls. First of all Ai-Leng put all the ingredients into a bowl. Then Miss Walden squished all the ingredients together with her hands while Ai-Leng showed us how to wet the won-ton square. Then we all got a won-ton wrap each and some spoons to help us get the pork. We had to use up all the won-ton wrappers. Finally the bell went and we were ready to cook the won-tons.
Ai-Leng cooked the won-tons in boiling water with some noodles. We all had to sit quietly in the
staffroom and wait. Miss Walden put out bowls with forks then we got to take our noodles and won-tons back to class to eat them. Finally the wontons were cooked and we got to eat them, they were YUMMY and WARM,. It was cold in the classroom. We were allowed in the staffroom! We had so much fun making won-tons.

Whole Class Recount by Room 4.

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