Celine Year 3

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I like superclubsplus because it tells me how to be
safe on the internet
Also it lets me learn a lot about passwords and not to tell people much about myself.
I like superclubsplus because the rules are fair.
You can get awards like cyber safety for being safe and respectful online.
You can also get your white, red, green, blue and yellow star as you learn how to build your pages.
You can take part and answer surveys to see if you know what to do online.
You can join clubs and webrings so that you and your friends can do fun stuff together online.
I like how there are Mediators to keep you safe online.
One Mediator always check what are you sending. If it is building time that means you can't send e-mails because the Mediators are building stuff for superclubbers even teachers.
I like to send e-mails to friends, teachers, mediators because I like to communicate with them.