Milestone Report

2010 sees the completion of the Sustained ICT Professional development where teachers have been learning about sustainability and using SOLO taxonomy as the framework for learning.
This page has examples for our 6th milestone report 2010.

Staff Audit

The Newmarket ICT team wanted to identify individual staff e-learning capabilities and needs so a comprehensive audit of staff e-learning skills and needs was timetabled and carried out as part of a Teacher Only day.
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Curriculum Plan

Development and implementation of curriculum plan addressing e-learning within our school.
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Planning using SOLO Taxonomy

Coherent planning units based on the principles in the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, that integrate SOLO Taxonomy (model of learning outcomes) and incorporate e-learning for teaching and assessment to raise student achievement.
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Lead teacher shared the educamp at Summerland Primary that she attended@Lead teachers day in Onehunga.
She also showed the Lead teachers how to use google maps to create an ENVIRO map of their schools.
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Most schools created their Google maps, with images and links within the set time frame.
Refer to Sustained Wikispaces ' Exploring our place'.


In October of this year, the Principal, Deputy Principal, the ICT lead teacher and a classroom teacher presented at ULEARN.
ULEARN 2010 Presentations
  • Using Prezi: Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy: Superclubsplus and Powerful Learning at Newmarket School.
  • Using IMOVIE: Exploring Whanaungatanga through an e-literacy movie project:-Kaitiaki Children and the Birds-

Sustained ICTPD

Culmination sharing day at Stanhope Rd
Virginia Kung, Reubina Irshad and Sonya Van Schaijik shared our schools three year journey using Livebinder.
Newmarket's presentation using Livebinder

Focussed ICT Staff meeting

-Lead Teacher and Assistant Principal

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Purpose of the ICT meeting
-Give teachers time for reflecting on practise
-Give teachers time for looking at resources

Building Learning Communities

Newmarket School have had many visitors.
Cluster groups, Principals and teachers, Individuals have come to observe SOLO Taxonomy and e-learning in action.
The senior management team, and teachers have shared our journey.
Visitors to Newmarket School

Doctor in the house

In term 3 our principal was awarded her Doctorate of Education
Her thesis highlights her own knowledge about building learning communities.
Written reporting: Strengthening Learning Partnerships Through Purposeful Reporting.
By Dr Wendy Kofoed.
Here on the Ariki Project you can listen to..
Dr Wendy Kofoed, principal of Newmarket School, talk with David Stewart about her recent Doctor of Education thesis:


In addition Newmarket School have had a variety of journalists and television crew come through to share our story about SOLO Taxonomy and e-learning.
Please click here to read and hear our stories.


Newmarket has been a pilot school for Superclubsplus.
This is a monitored social networking site for children aged 5-13.
The site teaches children about Cybersafety and how to behave online.
Click here to read our data for term 3 and our childrens' reflections using VOKI
Superclubsplus Term 3

Raising Student Achievement

Newmarket School worked closely with Anne Girven and incorporated SOLO Taxonomy and e- learning in their writing and unit plans
Planning with SOLO Taxonomy
The highlight was creating a Matariki Wikispace to share their learning with the school community.

A literacy Action Plan was created to help raise student achievement.
-Assistant Principal: Virginia Kung
Click here to download the Action Plan 42kbpdf.GIF
This incorporated SOLO Taxonomy and e-learning links. Anne observed and gave feedback.
Click here to read our feedback and our next steps.42.5kbpdf.GIF
-Anne Girven

Sustainability and SOLO Taxonomy

Odette Penno and her class created 2 films about sustainability that were both selected for finals of the 'Outlook for Sunday.' film competition-
If you visit these films, please vote for us. Kaitiaki children and the birds Sam the Super worm
Odette and her class created a directors cut of one of the movies.
View that here.

Global World Project

Newmarket School were part of the International Schools Enrich World Bird Watch Project.
For 24 hours children around the world recorded bird life in around their school, took photos, kept a blog and uploaded information toa central site.
Read our blog and see our photos.